Based on your friends comments

We believe, the most valuable information are from real people. That’s why we sort our shops by the reviews of their costumers. With Facebook and Twitter comments!

Top cities in a highly social way

It’s not only you can read what others think, you can even add your own opinion! Write your review, to let others know, what are the nicest places around – on each and every shop.

You won’t get lost in the information

Less is more. That’s why our Shoppiong Guides have 5 categories including “vintage”, so you can find the real essence of these cities!


The Top5 featured shops recommended by our editors, to know where to start!

Live Twitter feed

Check what is written at the moment about your city shopping. Maybe somebody found something interesting just a few blocks away!


Bookmark your favourite pages! The shops can be listed in the most popular way, no cheating, just the bests!


Find what is nearby. Why walk back and forth on the street, when you know that the second shop of your left is just amazing?

What you’ll have:

Shops, telephone numbers, addresses, websites, pictures, reviews, Facebook comments, find it on map feature, quick search, Twitter feed

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